Tuesday, January 23, 2007

To Joann and Ben and Jock from Mike Meegan

Dear Ben and Jock (and Joann):

I finally found the blog dedicated to Joann- I was sitting here reading it – thinking about the influence the three of you have had on my life -

My fireplace is about six feet to the left of  where I’m sitting - I just happen to glance over at it and there was a big billow of smoking coming from the front of it – I went to see what it was – and my oven mitt was on fire – it filled the whole house with smoke and I hadn’t noticed – I was too busy reading and reflecting – it must have been burning for quite awhile because there was only about a quarter of it left when I threw it in a waterbucket on the porch.


          I sit here searching for words to say and then I realize this is not complicated  –  just plant my feet to the floor and sit quietly  but continue to let a few thoughts form –  teacher heads the list  –  followed by simplicity and genuine – grateful is in there too -

Instinctively I want to ramble – Joann Peterson wouldn’t want me to ramble – she’d probably ask me what I was feeling – I’d tell her a sense of loss

She’d remind me a sense of loss is not a feeling –

Ok “sad then”  then speaking to me in silence – she’d  nod her head and let me cry –

She might cry with me  and I’d experience been seen -  like I often did with her.

I suppose that’s what she gave me  -  that’s a lot to give to someone –

             I’ll be forever grateful –

                                           Love Mike



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