Monday, January 22, 2007

Remembering Joann

Dearest Joann,

It was February of 1982. You were new in the counseling practice and had an
opening. Twenty-five years later, I consider that to have been the single
luckiest and most important phone call I've ever made. With your help, three
generations of our family changed the way we lived. You taught us new ways
of thinking, and doing and relating. You dragged me (very reluctantly) to
Haven and shepherded me through change, change and more change. Others in
the family followed. Your dedication, compassion and caring kept us coming
back for more, and more and more. There were times when you were the most
important person in our lives, keeping us going through the rough spots.
Your confidence in our ability to prevail never waivered. Your smile, that
signature tip of your head and wink of your eye enveloped us in a warm
blanket of safety. You had an enormous heart, and you cared in the depths of
your soul. Despite, or perhaps bcause of, the travails of your early life,
you gave others the caring you never had. You made a profound difference in
thousands of lives, including ours, for which we are eternally grateful.
Thank you, thank you, dear Joann.

Now we grieve, and remember your eyes, your smile, your voice, your words,
your touch, your hugs, and your love. You have a permanent and very special
place in our hearts. A place like no other.

With deepest affection and gratitude,

Nancy Kennell
Bellingham, WA


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