Saturday, January 20, 2007

Farewell to a teacher, mentor and good friend

Dear Joann,

Teacher, mentor, and friend

For the many things that you gave, in time; will never end

So near, and close even from so far away

You made time, for caring in so many ways

Thanks for being there to nurture, and to play

And have the gut to stand and say what needed to be said


I learnt as much from your tender heart, and firmness in this way

At time I felt so naked, yet seen

And wondered how your vision was so clean,

Best was when I got to laugh, and play

Made the big issues go away,

Cherishing many favours done, and how

You showed me I had it in me to be the one

To be here NOW, was a great relief

No more waiting, no need to deceive.


My sadness is that you’re gone, yet my love for you,

Can be cherished and linger on

Good bye my friend

Thanks for your caring and your love

I’m sad that you’re no longer here,

Yet your graciousness seemed to dispel many who had fears

Your help showed so many they were not allow,

And the most sacred was really already inside

And you’re not on your own.


I still see your rye smile, and cheeky grin,

It’s good to know you let me in.

My tears for you now celebrate all that has been

Thanks for showing me how to get near,

Not to be so alone, but sharing with other rather than on my own.

With a loving good bye I cry just a little more

Knowing, that you opened up that inner door

My special friend, my learning with you will never end


Thanks for all the gift that you’re brought, and the many teaching that you taught

Yet the greatest gift in my mind

Was your willingness to share the good and the bad

From a where you were, even if other didn’t concur

This seemed to bring a sense of presence and grace

And made it a joy to connect face to face.

Will nice those time, and cherish the rest

May you now truly rest in peace,

With love

Stefan Neszpor



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