Friday, January 19, 2007

Messages abound from Joann

The quote in the poem below is what Joann penned in my copy of "Anger,
Boundaries and Safety" just two years ago. Her message of love,
learning, honesty and honour will continue to be heard in our hearts,
minds and spirits. I really only saw her message in this quote when I
looked again at the inscription a few days ago. Thank you Joann, thank
you, thank you.


A true mother's tongue
'Do follow and explore
everything that beckons you! I
have had delight watching you
emerge this month. Enjoy the
passion of responsible anger.'

Do grieve the loss of this brave woman's life
Do honour her with exploration
Do be everything you can
Do love
Do laugh
I hear you sweet lady
brave fighter
tender warrior
and I promise me and you
I will live and in that life I will

With such deep gratitude - Karen Nye


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