Thursday, January 18, 2007

from Harriet

Joann, you sang me a lullaby once, sitting on the floor and holding me, even though you were in pain even then. You always welcomed me back to Haven, winked at me over the years, and a year ago, when I was in pieces and a fledgling intern, you took my face gently in your hands, looked tenderly into my eyes, and encouraged me. You invited me to mail you after that, and up until just before your operation you answered all my mails point by point. We looked together at some of my shitty thinking and judgements. "Nasty!" you wrote, in response to one of my comments. That one still makes me laugh, even through my tears, as I write this. You told it like it was, I wanted more of you, I wish you hadn't died, I am glad you are not suffering anymore, I am so glad I knew you. Harriet


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