Monday, January 22, 2007

An inspiration you were

Attending Come Alive in summer session of 1997 and it was truly an
amazing experience and life changing. Joann you were an authentic woman
with so much love, strength and courage. When I met you and the rest of
the PD Seminars team at the Haven I was spiritually depleted, shut down
and tired of running. I will never forget the meeting I had with you and
Wendy. I still cherish the advice you gave to me and it took me a long
way. After my Haven experience I moved on and continued my personal
growth journey. I am happy to let you know that I am working on my
thesis for my Masters of Arts in Environmental Education and
Communication. It was an enormous challenge and mid-way in the program I
took my notes out from PD Seminars and that really helped me at the most
difficult time I was experiencing in my graduate studies. Life is
amazing. I had not reflected on my time at the Haven for over a year.
And today I decided to google the Haven PD Seminars and I felt a great
feeling of sadness when I read the sad news. You were such a wonderful
teacher, for me you were an inspiration.
Kleco! Kleco!



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