Monday, January 22, 2007

I miss you.

I felt a sinking in my heart the moment I read the news. No more
moments with you - your wonderful smile and sense of humour, your swift
insights, your precious caring. I miss you already. And I am so lucky
to have had those moments with you. I feel very special to have shared

When I would go to Haven I was often content if we walked together from
Heron down to the Lodge. Sometimes I had nothing to say. I just wanted
to be in your presence and with you. I felt satisfied with that many
times. And I was so joyous when we had chats together - just the two of
us. I loved them.

I was always in awe of you as an educator. Where does all your
knowledge and experience and wisdom come from? How do you know so well
what would shift the energy in this moment and lead at least me to a
place closer to my feeling, to me? And I thought you were often leading
with your vision, with your very soul.

I hold all these memories and many more very precious. So long
sweetheart. I am so glad we journeyed together even for a short time.

Ann Doyle


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