Friday, January 26, 2007

She will be remembered!!

I first met Joann in 1984 on the day my Phase 1 ended, that evening I
started Women's Sexuality. Phase 1 was my first introduction to Haven on the
advice of my lawyer. Joann and Peggy Merlin were staying in Raven and I
went to talk to them at the end of that first session. Joann told me that I
said to the two of them that I couldn't do the workshop because I wasn't a
girl. I saw myself as a 21 yr old, drunken, rowdy, redneck, tomboy from
Prince George, she saw me as a confused young woman. I treasure the
influence she has had on me over these last 20+ years.

I have been dealing with the loss of my Dad on Christmas morning when I read
of Joann's passing away. My Dad had a paralyzing stroke ten months earlier
and died of a massive blood clot. I knew in a general way that Joann's
health was precarious but when I did Disengaging Depression in the summer of
2004 she was the same Joann that I have known over the years. All the blogs
about Joann have captured the wonderful woman that we knew and loved. I know
my Dad is no longer struggling with a body that didn't work anymore and I
know Joann is not either. I believe they will get to know each other 'up
there' and swap stories about the Heather they have both helped me become. I
can hear their laughter now!! :)

I will miss you, Joann! Thank you for always helping me see the woman that I
am. I have always felt your love and acceptance of me and respect for my
process. You are missed!

Heather Jackson



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