Friday, January 26, 2007

Joann Peterson

Joann was one of the greatest teachers I have been priveleged to learn from. I have often said that my education at Haven far surpassed my university education in importance and impact. It was an interesting experience for me to work with Joann during Phase 1, and to experience the full life passion of someone with a PhD.... So I learned that it could be done!! Brain and heart and gut can co-exist and the combination is more exciting than the individual parts. What an empowering, enlivening and  joyful path was opened up for me. I am grateful for Joann’s role in guiding my daughters on their path as well, and feel so grateful that I can summon up her presence in my memory, and “feel” the things I learned at Haven, and from Joann. What a gift.


Karen Minden, PhD,

CEO, Pine River Institute,

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