Monday, January 15, 2007

from Derek LaCroix

I have had a hard time writing this as I feel a deep loss and heavy heart. Joann was a truly remarkable person. She has been a teacher, a guide, a mentor, a friend, a colleague and a co-Leader. Truly a range which is unusual and speaks volumes of her desire for her students to grow and excel. This relationship was, most importantly, maintained in a gentle and nurturing container which allowed for differences. Joann was able to give me direct feedback that I did not immediately hurt myself with and withdraw from. I saw her do that with many others and always marvelled at her way with people, especially the most hurt and defended people. Over the years no matter how much we were apart my memories and caring for her never left my heart and that will not change. I will miss her and I will never be without her and what she provided for me.
with love and gratitude
Derek LaCroix QC


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