Monday, January 15, 2007


Dying -- but forever alive!
Cushioned by your husband Pete
And your Haven family
You finished the box
And stuffed yourself inside: closed the lid.
Early on, you must have decided that was the safest way.
I hear you call as I peck out these words.

How challenging for me to tap into the Haven stream
where  all swim naked; the mind freshly skinned and alert
despite life's challenging behavior. We often saw the love of God more
clearly through tears then in the sunlight.
Several times we were together on Haven¹s  "baptismal team".
How difficult to capture early thoughts and feelings
before the censor gets out his eraser.

My brain is starved.
I want to rattle around the property with wonderful memories of you.

To ignore the flow of life,
To fail to learn your truths and be free
would be my peril.
God Bless You Joann
You stretched your arms in life and helped us do the same
With your unspoken prayer you nudged us
Out of self
A sudden gift.

You are uplifted and alive
like Adam on the first great day of creation
spinning in your new born light.

Jack Sproule



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