Sunday, January 14, 2007


I wanted to be poetic, though decided not to. I sometimes haven't a clue about what it is that's going on for others, to step back and think about the them and what their needs or wants are. She did. She told us what was up, she let us know how we were viewed and what our issues are/were from her perspective. I trusted her... That's rare. I wonder how many people have wanted to be able to do what Joann had done and how many will follow through and try to emulate her example. Phase One 2003 was the last time I saw her and it's true. If anyone has an opportunity to encourage, share feedback, and/or tell us we need a 'kick in the pants' like Joann had I (and others too) do so. I believe her to be a brilliant example about how to help other people with their 'stuff'. Don't forget what she taught you, remember that... That Joann tilled seeds of knowledge in each of us that we can harvest and carry through to the next generation, I just wonder why it is that she wasn't allowed to till some more. Eternal blessings, warmth, and comfort to you and all those saplings out there....



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