Saturday, January 13, 2007

To Joann

When I remember you Joann I remember your smile.  I remember your voice and the woman of you and I feel a certain joy.  I remember your eyes there to meet mine when I questioned myself and my world - in the circle or round the intern's table - challenging me to find my will and my truths in the reflection of your own.  I am grateful for your life and all you chose to share with me and mine over the past 20 years.    You have been my teacher and my friend. 
In the bittersweet  sense of loss I feel, I know  you are gone from us and yet believe in the wavelets you have created, as they continue to ebb and flow over the oceans of the lives of so many.  Surely there is no end to what you have set in motion.  For me your beautiful light will never dim............
See ya!
Roberta   (Burrows)
Nanoose Bay, B.C.


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