Saturday, January 13, 2007

Joann I miss you!

I am sitting here at my computer with tears in my eyes after reading some of the entries on the memorial blog for Joann, not knowing what to say, most times I find it hard to express my feelings especially now, I miss you so Joann.  I know that she has left us in body, but not in my heart (which for me is where spirit resides).


My first experience with Joann was during Phase 1 that was lead by her with Ben and Jock.  From that point on and in every subsequent encounter I felt her caring and ultimately her loving.


When I started down the intern path she became a mentor every guiding, every gentle, but at the same time saying what I needed to hear.  At times her feedback was positive and at other times negative, stark and direct, but no matter which, it was always what I needed at the time.  I seem to remember what I heard as negative feedback the most, but subsequent to each of these encounters I have made the most significant shifts in my life and for that I am the most grateful and loving.


When I heard of Joann’s passing I was far away and alone, but my thoughts immediately went back to Gabriola, to my friends here and my thoughts of Joann.  This weekend I have been with some of these friends remembering Joann and as we talked, I am remembering all of the good times.  How the feeling of loving and friendship was always with Joann, especially those late nights in the intern room after small group.  It was on those nights when small group had not gone well and Joann was there to be with me and guide me that I will cherish and remember.  I will miss those late nights and also the times of just sitting for dinner when I needed connection.


Momma Joann I miss you (yes, I know you did not like hearing that, but then and now it is said with a catch in my throat and with all my Loving).


Andrew Bing


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