Friday, January 12, 2007


Hello to Joann's family and close friends

I live on Haida Gwaii and have been to the Haven a couple
of times, one of which was to do the Anger workshop with
Joann. I remember being so moved when Joann shared her
story of being put into a dumpster after she was born, and
then rescued. She was such an inspiration to me, and she
shared all her goodness and positive energy with everyone.

I thought, well, if someone can begin life
in a dumpster and do so much with her life, than I can
at least stop being angry.

She also made it possible for me to distinguish between
anger and violence. Joann, you will be missed by so many
people. I would like her family to know that her spirit
certainly lives on inside of me, and I know that she
touched many people on a deep level.


Evelyn von Almassy


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