Friday, January 12, 2007


I have just now read the news of Joann’s passing and am saddened by this news. I know this is a selfish sadness as I had plans of taking many more workshops with Joann. I first met Joann when she came to Yellowknife in 2003 to do the Anger, Boundaries and Safety workshop. She returned to do the Boundaries workshop and I also was fortunate to be able to take Come Alive from Ben, Jock and Joann at Haven in April 2004. I was going through a particularly difficult separation at this time and all these workshops were a tremendous help in dealing with this phase in my life. I guess I felt a close connection to Joann, not only from her strengths as a workshop facilitator and beautiful woman, but also from the knowing that Joann was very happy to be able to bring her ideas to Yellowknife. She joked about the fact that on her dog sled ride it was so cold that her glasses shattered- who else would joke about this. I was also fortunate to be able to take Phase 1 from Joann in summer of 2005.  Although I have not really thought too much about the spirit world, I will definitely be looking for Joann’s presence here in Yellowknife.


Thank you Joann for traveling to this part of the country and introducing me to Haven ideas and friendships



Sharon Thomas




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