Friday, January 12, 2007

Your teaching continues

While spending hours trying to get home last night in the crazy snow, I felt warm, knowing Joann was there amongst the snow flakes, just as she is a part of the beautiful sun shining on me today.  I love you Joann and will miss you a lot.  Many times I thought of you, wondering how you’re doing, but I never called or made contact.  I didn’t act on my intuition.  I’m smiling because even in your passing, you have taught me a valuable lesson.  You taught me the value in my intuitions and reminded me to respect my body’s wisdom.  I look forward to the many more lessons to come. 


Over the holiday Season I found myself spending almost every day writing a prayer.  It is a prayer expressing my gratitude to God.  The first thing I thought of when I heard of Joann’s passing was how easy it would be to insert Joann into this prayer in so many places. 


I’m sending you a huge loving “spirit hug”.


Loving you





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