Thursday, January 11, 2007

Condolences letter to Joann from Chinese friends(Huawei)

Jan 11, 2007

Our condolences on Joann Peterson's passing away

We felt painful at the news that Joann left us on the 9th, and we were comforted that she left in peace without any pain. We deem it as a gift from above.

We all have been under her instruction or coaching, and we are so grateful to this privilege. For she is indeed a unique mentor, rare and precious in her personal style, so down to earth but also up high in virtues. We are all drawn to her by her inner strength, her genuine caring, and childlike purity. We feel connected with her, for we regard her as one of our family members, as if having her mother-like caring always. She'll remain a gem and blessing in our heart forever.

Dear Joann, thank you so much for the 2 weeks spent together with us on Gabriola Island, Canada. The light shone from you has enlightened us a great deal and will direct us toward more wholesomeness in our future.

May you rest in peace.

Love from your friends in China,

Andy Ren, Christina Mi, Frank Fei, Helen Li, Linda Xu, Paul Wang, Ping Sun, Yanping Hu, Yixin Song, Yafang Sun, Zhinan Sun,


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