Thursday, January 11, 2007

some words for Joann Peterson

I have some words for Joann Peterson.
I have been contacted with Joann Peterson about holding her effective boundary workshop in China as she also has shown  strong interest in coming to China to lead it. Many participants are expecting to learn from her about boundary as boundary issue is a common problem for many Chinese.
Because she had a heart operation last year and was too weak to go to China  we had to cancel it last Dec. We thought it would happen in 2007.
Now to hold effective boundary by Joann Peterson has become an " unfinished business" to us forever.
This makes me more cherish every opportunity and moment with people from the Haven. I really have deep gratitude towards every leader from the Haven who have come to China and developed the Haven's ideas to Chinese and walked your talk in the past years.
Joann Peterson is a respectful and loving leader in our Chinese heart even though I didn't meet with her personally. She is living in our heart all the time.
I am dreaming that boundary ideas from Joann Peterson and the Haven could be brought into China one day by some other leaders or facilitators in the Haven.
We will remember her by learning her ideas and practising her ideas and living a better life.
With love
Hettie Tu 

International Department
New Heaven Culture Development(Shenzhen) Co,.Ltd


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