Thursday, January 11, 2007

From IIIHS, Montreal

Dear Gabriola,

Our prayers and love are with dear, dear Joann as she has entered the heavenly world.

Certainly she is in the divine light and has been received in a special way.

We pray & unite with all as we which think of our loss. We all miss her physical presence but we'll always live in the assurance of eternal life & light.

Joann's being was and is and will always be a beacon of light to all who knew her.

What is so very, very special to all of us here in Montreal is that one of my dear friends/volunteers Geetaji had a clear dream and it really was the story of Joann.

That same morning John was awakened at 05:17 am and heard her name called. It happened twice. It startled him and he came downstairs to find me doing my morning sadhana, Then I felt Joann presence & sent of her a thought of divine love.

THIS WAS THE MORNING of the day before we got the news!!!

Then today at 03:42 pm as I was walking in St. Catherine I heard her say "Marilyn- can you see me? can you hear me?
I am just fine. Please tell all I'm fine".

Then I saw a beam of light & I prayed.

Please, please let me know of any event that is being planed to honour and celebrate her life with our love.

Marilyn, John & Sr. Leona


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