Friday, January 12, 2007

to post to the memorial

Gary & I had many happy times with Joann.  We enjoyed her wisdom and her talent for helping us see the other side of issues.  Her wonderful, gentle manner soothed all manner of people, including us.
On the evening of the Jan. 10th here in Australia, which would have been the 9th in Canada, Gary suddenly got the 'urge' to view our videos of some of our work at Haven about 18 and 21 years ago.  Perhaps he was somehow aware of Joann's passing and we linked up with again, as I'm sure she did with many people,  as she left this planet.
Our deepest condolances to her family, and many, many thanks for letting us share our lives with her.
Gary Dumaresq and Pat Woodcock,
Townsville, Australia


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