Friday, January 12, 2007


 I was sadden to hear of your passing along with the scores of people whose lives you touched so deeply. I remember your courage in the face of failing health & was inspired by your example that persists to this very day .I witnessed your insight in the processes of so many people & was astounded at your ability to see with such depth into the lives of others .You were, in my mind, unique in your ability to give appropriate feedback-direct & without editing for those who needed it & soft but effective for those “fragile souls” that could only endure a nudge.


Personally speaking Joann, I appreciate the loving & deep caring you gave to me especially at times when I was really struggling with my own health issues & the psychodynamics that subtended them .I always sensed that you recognize the depth & dimension of my process in the many courses I took at the Haven. For that,I am eternally grateful.


 I also what to express my appreciation for the help you gave to my family. I saw them grow & flourish under your guidance and several of them went on under you tutelage to complete their Dip. C.  Joann, I am really struggling to find the words to express the gratitude I feel for the loving, understanding & guidance you gave to my family & me….tears are dropping incessantly on my key board as I write this letter.


I closing Joann, I am glad that you are now at peace & in a place where there is no more pain.


With loving memories of you.


Bill McCallum


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