Saturday, January 13, 2007

From Marlise and Bob to our Sunflower Lady

To wonderful Joann

I am left with a beautiful image. The image of how Joann tilted her head when she would talk to me. Her face would energetically become so open and round , always reminding me of  a sunflower and her head would tilt in the way a flower does when  tilting towards the sunlight. I pointed that out to her, the last time I saw Joann and she laughed. Bob, of course, tried to imitate me imitating her and  we all roared!

She is so so so  loved and and will always be loved. She will always live  in a special little place in  so many people’s hearts.
What an extraordinary gift Joann is to humanity. Her conversations, her teachings and her energy continues to be with me.
I am truly blessed  to have had contact with such a powerful, gentle , wise,  and soulful teacher.

Marlise McCormick
Bob Buckley
Vancouver BC Canada


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