Sunday, January 14, 2007

Friends in Taiwan gathered in memory of her

Some friends who live in Taipei, Taiwan gathered together tonight at Al Chambers and Debbie Yao’s home, to pay our respect and share our love for Joann. Among us are Cora Tao, Dodo Lee, John Yin, Tammy Lai, Fidel Kao, Sunny Lin, Sweet Wang, Wan Chang and Linda Wang. We were sad to hear the news that our beloved Joan has passed away. When we find out that Sunday night we can all get together, we decide that we want to do something together.

Al has printed out a beautiful picture of Joann, and Debbie bought a lot of pretty flowers—with different colors. We also light a lot of candles.

We all have tears in our eyes but as we talked about this lady, about what we’ve learned from her and shared our loving feelings for her with each other, we find out that after a few hours of sharing, tears have become laughter. We know that Joann’s spirit will live with us. We also know that as long as we remember her in our heart, she is with us.

I hope other people from this group will write and share their feelings with all of you who love Joann. I am full of gratitude and loving tonight, thanking her for coming to Taipei with Linda Nicholls after that serious earthquake in 1999, to lead a Loss & Separation workshop. I am glad that some of us went for her Disengaging Depression workshop last year. I know for sure that what I learned from her will not stop because I will continue to do whatever I can to spread the seeds that she helped planted in my heart. Joann will always in a very soft place of my heart.

Cora Tao in Taipei, Taiwan


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