Monday, January 15, 2007

Good night mother.

Dearest Joann,

I will follow the words that you told me,
I will be a brave woman.
I will bless myself to be a good writer.
I will practice to love people and myself, as you always do.

I will never forget.
How you taught me to stay with my inner fear.

I know, you love me.
You know, I can feel it.
I love you, Joann!


Good Night, Mother!
Sleep early, mother
Hope is waiting in the wings
To trade dark clouds with sweet dreams
Whenever I feel sad and down
Exhausted by life's ups and downs
You would take me in your arms
In my ear your gentle voice sounds
Sweet dreams, my baby
Put your regrets and worries behind
Wake up in time to greet the first sunlight
Good night, mother!



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