Monday, January 15, 2007

Special message remembering Joann

A message for Joann

I talk to you every night and through many moments of the day. You
are everywhere for me and yet I so dearly miss your physical presence.
I am so grateful to you Joann for every moment that our lives where
shared. You were many things to me (mother, friend, mentor,
colleague). I wish that I was closer in contact with many of our
shared friends right now but of course you know I am busy working
away at another learning experience. I want to thank you the most for
supporting me in so many moments of my life and also our friendship
between Paul, myself and you. We had many laughs especially when you
came to Yellowknife and worked with me. Paul and I will always hold
you deep in our spirits . I know you are still holding us all near to you .

Your journey is continuing and I will always keep in touch (I know
how much you loved the wowo stuff). Yet now I know you know. We
journey together dear friend in all forms of energy.

Play well, learn well, rest well, love well and we will all love you
back no matter where your spirit journey's.

I love you and miss you yet through time I will feel you deeply in
the wind and we will speak. Yet for today I cry.

Love your friend Gillan Enright


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