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My introduction to Joann and her to me, was in the Spring of 1988.  I was looking for a counselor and a friend of mine said "I know a very good one".  Joann and I have laughed over those first few sessions we had.  Neither one of us was too sure if it was going to work between us.  But (fortunately for me)  after a few meetings, I relaxed and the humor started to come out from both of us, and we settled in for the long haul of counseling.
Our relationship over the past 18 years went from counselor/client to friends to workshop participant/teacher.
What I learned from Joann can not be measured.  I only hope I can mentor someone in my life time, as she did for me.
I am still in shock of her passing.  Even though it is not a secret we will all die some day; and I was always  aware of the major health issue she was dealing with over the years.  I still thought she would always be here!
Sweet Dreams Joann
You are loved and will live on in my heart forever!
Sue Paulson


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